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Brethren in Christ on the World Wide Web

A few Brethren in Christ-related links that caught my attention over the past weeks. Continue reading

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“The Last Days: The End of Hope or a Hopeful End?”

Care to learn more about fundamentalist end-times belief and its impact on the Brethren in Christ? Check out the links and bibliography.
Continue reading

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The Brethren in Christ and The Late Great Planet Earth

What impact did Hal Lindsey’s 1970 bestseller “The Late Great Planet Earth” have on the Brethren in Christ? Continue reading

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“One Small Step for Man,” or What the Apollo 11 Mission Meant to Evangelicals (Including the Brethren in Christ)

On the 41st anniversary of the Apollo 11 walk on the moon, this post explores how the Brethren in Christ diverged from their American Evangelical contemporaries in expressing skepticism about NASA’s achievement. Continue reading

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The Rapture: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You?

Let’s explore why some Brethren in Christ growing up in the 1930s and 40s feared being found at the movies during the second coming of Christ. Continue reading

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“Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful”: Proclaiming the Dispensation in a Chilly Climate

‘Tis the season for cataclysmic cold and fitful economic rebounds, so it seems only right to offer a post about winter weather and a paltry job market. That such a post should be tied to fundamentalist eschatology and its impact … Continue reading

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