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Quote of the Day

A quote to brighten your morning, courtesy of nineteenth-century minister Asa Bearss. Continue reading

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“I am About To Go Abroad as a Missionary”: H. Frances Davidson’s Passport Application and What It Tells Us About Brethren in Christ Life

We review pioneer Brethren in Christ missionary H. Frances Davidson’s passport application and attempt to understand what it teaches us about the woman and her church. Continue reading

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Faithful Renderings: The Art of Everyone Called Her Sister Sarah (and Some Thoughts on the Use of History in Children’s Literature)

Some thoughts on faithfulness, biography, and the use of history in children’s literature. Continue reading

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“Women as Pastors”: Mary Jane Long

“Prominent early churchwoman” Mary Jane Long considered herself quiet and shy. Yet she demonstrated a conviction about women in ministry that upset many of her fellow early 20th century Brethren in Christ. Continue reading

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“Women as Pastors”: Anna Kraybill Engle

The first in a new series on “Women as Pastors,” today’s post concerns Anna Kraybill Engle, the first woman (unofficially) ordained into ministry in the Brethren in Christ Church. Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Asa Bearss and the Question of Biblical Gender Equality

Today’s Photo Friday celebrates nineteenth-century church leader Asa Bears: not for his pioneering efforts to promote Sunday school among the Canadian church, but for his revolutionary push for biblical gender equality. Continue reading

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