Celebrating 100 Years with Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church

My wife Katie and I just returned from the centennial celebration at Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church — a worship service that “celebrated the congregation’s heritage and called the congregation to continue its journey of personal, congregational, and community transformation,” according to Alan Robinson, the church’s senior pastor.

I grew up in the Carlisle congregation, and this morning’s gathering was a great opportunity to see old friends, teachers, and mentors — people who were directly responsible for my spiritual development as an adolescent and teenager.

Moreover, as the writer of the congregation’s centennial history, Committed to Community, the morning service was also a great professional opportunity — a chance to see my first full-length publication distributed to readers!

I’ll be posting more about my book in the coming days, but for now, here’s a bit about the Carlisle church’s cetennial, courtesy of the Carlisle Sentinel:

This Sunday, Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary of the official organization of the church in the area.

“People were meeting prior to 1912, but 1912 is when we say we really organized into a church,” Senior Pastor Alan Robinson said.

The first Brethren in Christ service in Carlisle dates back to 1892, but it wasn’t until March 1912 that regular meetings began of what would become the Carlisle BIC.

Officials broke ground on the first new church for the Carlisle BIC in October 1950 on College and Louther Streets. The congregation remained there until 1984, when the groundbreaking occurred for the new building on Walnut Bottom Road, where Carlisle BIC is currently located.

The Carlisle BIC congregation has continued to thrive since then, with somewhere between 1,200 and 1,250 people coming to worship or be involved on Sunday mornings, Robinson said.

Click here to read the entire article.

Congratulations to the Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church on its first hundred years!

About Devin Manzullo-Thomas

Father to Lucas. Husband to Katie. Prof and administrator at Messiah College. PhD student at Temple University. Member of Grantham BIC.
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