Remembering Paul Nigh

It’s Clergy Appreciation Month, and blogger Rev. Roger Charman has a few kind words to say about the clergymen who impacted his life and future ministry — including Paul Nigh, a respected Canadian Brethren in Christ churchman. (Charman, an ordained Brethren in Christ minister, grew up at the Springvale congregation in southern Ontario and now works for Focus on the Family’s Pastoral Ministries organization.)

Here’s a few of Charman’s words of appreciation, via his blog:

Pastor Nigh as the pastor of the little Brethren in Christ Church in Springvale, Ontario that my family attended. I remember him visiting our home in about 1965. He took the time to listen to the questions of a 13-year-old kid about why God would allow evil in the world. His kindness and patience made a lasting impact. He passed away in 1992 at age 81.

Read the entirety of Charman’s reflections here.


About Devin Manzullo-Thomas

Father to Lucas. Husband to Katie. Prof and administrator at Messiah College. PhD student at Temple University. Member of Grantham BIC.
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2 Responses to Remembering Paul Nigh

  1. Paul D Nigh says:

    Thank-you for the very kind words you shared about my grandfather. I am both grateful and proud of him and his legacy.
    Paul Nigh

  2. Josephine Flicker says:

    Rev. Paul Nigh was my pastor for many years. In fact, I was just talking about him with my sister Jane (Walker)Wiedrick just the other day. We were reminising about our family and Springvale BIC. There were so many people that impacted our lives there from Rev. Nigh to the many dedicated SS teachers.

    Josephine (Walker)Flicker

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