E. Morris Sider’s New Roxbury Camp Book

Historian and prolific writer E. Morris Sider will release his latest book, titled A Living and Growing Ministry: The Story of Roxbury Holiness Camp, this month.

Here’s a synopsis, from the back cover:

A Living and Growing Ministry tells the story of Roxbury Holiness Camp which began in 1935 in a dance hall. Primitive facilities, powerful preaching, and strong emotions characterized the camp in its early years and attracted many people to its services. Many people claimed conversion and sanctification experiences.

The book traces the development of the camp to the present. The many facilities added over the years have been modernized and now provide accommodation for many and various groups beyond the camp meeting. The book describes the evolving nature of the camp meeting program to more contemporary modes of worship. Skilled leadership and creative programs through the years have attracted large numbers of children and youth.

Described also is the family nature of the camp, which in some people has even inspired romance and, in time, marriage. From its beginning to the present, spiritual growth remains the camp’s focus. Another continuity is the good food served in the dining hall, always on a free-will offering basis.

As the book makes clear, Roxbury Holiness Camp is a living and growing ministry.

The book will be released this Saturday, July 31. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Roxbury Holiness Camp.


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