Photo Friday: Happy Birthday, Upland Manor!

A two-tiered complex built around a central courtyard, an independent senior living community known as Upland Manor was launched by the Brethren in Christ on July 16, 1972 -- 38 years ago today. Courtesy of the Brethren in Christ Historical Library and Archives.

In 1966, the Upland Brethren in Christ Church brought to Pacific Regional Conference a rather unusual petition: study the feasibility of constructing a “senior citizens’ housing development” adjacent to the church. Given the fact that, as Pacific Conference historian Paul E. Engle has written, “Southern California has a growing number of senior citizens” [1], the conference wisely appointed a committee to examine options and report back.

The committee reported their findings at a special conference session on August 4, 1971. Conference took action on their report, purchasing property just two blocks west of the Upland church for $40,000. A decision was made to build apartments (rather than the previously envisioned cottages), and construction began in early 1972. As committee chairperson Dwight Bert wrote at a conference meeting in March of that same year:

Of Spanish architecture, the 38 units are being built on West Arrow Highway in Upland. Named Upland Manor, the two-story complex will include a recreational area and a large meeting and hobby room. The carpeted, air-conditioned social hall will be equipped with a furnished kitchen to make entertaining and co-operative meals possible. Each apartment will be a self-sufficient home for single persons or couples. [2]

Upland Manor was officially dedicated on July 16, 1972 — 38 years ago today. Happy birthday, Upland Manor!


[1] Paul E. Engle, Planting and Growing: A Historical Sketch [of the] Pacific Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church (published privately, 1979), 27.

[2] Pacific Regional Conference Minutes, 1972, 45.


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One Response to Photo Friday: Happy Birthday, Upland Manor!

  1. elizabeth says:

    i am a current member at Upland Brethren in Christ church in Upland trying to find some background and old pictures from people. I came across your site. hoping you can help send me some information and pictures

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