Mark Your Calendars: Mennonite Professor to Speak on Anabaptism and Evangelicalism at Messiah College

Eastern Mennonite Seminary professor Nathan Yoder will offer some "Reflections on Anabaptism and Evangelicalism" in lectures at Messiah College.

Those with an interest in the development of Brethren in Christ identity over the last 50 years will not want to miss this year’s installment of Messiah College’s annual Schrag Lectures: the theme is “Reflections on Anabaptism and Evangelicalism.”

Nathan E. Yoder, associate professor of church history at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, will deliver the lectures, scheduled for March 22 and 23 and sponsored by the College’s Sider Institute for Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan Studies. Yoder, who is currently at work on a book-length history of the Conservative Mennonite Conference, is an expert on the intersection of Anabaptism and nineteenth- and twentieth-century American Evangelicalism.

From the promotional brochure:

[The] first lecture will focus upon autobiographical narratives of retired scholars associated with Eastern Mennonite University. It will explore the influence of Harold Bender’s “The Anabaptist Vision” upon these post-World War II academics as they pursued their vocation in the church and college and formed a theological perspective on contemporary American Christianity.

[The] second lecture will look at the tensions that are created when an Anabaptist group adds Evangelicalism to its theological heritage. How does such a group relate to other Anabaptist groups? How does it value the two sources of its identity? The lecture will look at the scholarly and pastoral issues that are involved in these tensions and how they influence the concepts of conversion and discipleship.

To prepare for Yoder’s appearance at Messiah, check out some of the previous lectures he’s given on the topic.


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2 Responses to Mark Your Calendars: Mennonite Professor to Speak on Anabaptism and Evangelicalism at Messiah College

  1. Due to other commitments, I am unable to attend these lectures 😦

    Please take good notes and/or post a link to order audio files.

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