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The Times, They Were A-Changin’

In the 1960s and 1970s, singing groups from Messiah College caught “folk music fever.” Did these groups help open up the Brethren in Christ to more contemporary worship styles?
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Photo Friday: Mealtime at Messiah College

Can you identify any of the students or faculty in this photograph, a slice-of-life shot from Messiah College in the 1950s? Continue reading

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The (Very) End of Upland College

Upland College, closed in 1965, was auctioned to the highest bidder forty-four years ago today. Continue reading

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On-Campus Peacemaking at Brethren in Christ Colleges?

An invitation for readers to share their stories about peacemaking initiatives at Messiah and Upland Colleges. Continue reading

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Photo Friday: No Football Team? Maybe Your College Was Started By Pacifists.

Why has Messiah College — started by the Brethren in Christ in 1909 — never had a college football team? Might it have something to do with their peace position? Continue reading

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“The Devil in Cap and Gown,” or Another Connection Between Fundamentalism and the Brethren in Christ

As a student at Princeton University in the 1920s, Roy H. Wenger received a pamphlet from Mary Zook warning him of the dangers of “higher criticism” of the BIble. The act shows that some Brethren in Christ were concerned about the advance of liberalism in the Church. Continue reading

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